After having placed links to my interviews on the appropriate pages of
Wikipedia for several years, during the last week of March, 2018,
I was notified of a major complaint.

Apparently, this individual decided that my main function was
self-promotion, and wanted to remove all the links.

This, of course, was and is the farthest thing from my intent.

There was a bit of discussion about the issue, and fortunately
a few other editors came to my defense.

The upshot of this whole thing is that I no longer add
my name to the new links.  I have also removed
my name from about 200 of the older links.

Reproduced below is the entire back-and-forth among myself
and several other editors.  Note that the box at the top
(beginning, "Situation has been dealt with amicably")
was added last.  It represents closure of the discussion
at its termination, not the idea(s) at the beginning.