Bruce Duf f ie on WNUR

Classical and Beyond
Saturdays from 1 PM to 4 PM

My segment begins around 2 PM, features music and interview with a guest,
and is approximately 40 minutes.

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NOTE: Any programs that get pre-empted
will be re-scheduled in future weeks!

December   6 - Conductor GERARD SCHWARZ
December 13 - Pianist JENNIE LIN
December 20 - Composer ROBERT XAVIER RODRIGUEZ
December 17 - Composer PETER SCHIEKELE

January   3, 2015 - Composer LIBBY LARSEN
January 10 - Oboist ALEX KLEIN
January 17 - Composer/Pianist EASLEY BLACKWOOD (Program #1)
January 24 - Composer/Pianist EASLEY BLACKWOOD (Program #2)
January 31 - Composer WILLIAM SCHMIDT

February   7 - Tenor WILLIAM BROWN
February 14 - Violist MARCUS THOMPSON

NOTE: Programs are subject to change.

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