Here are a few items uncovered while digging through some old boxes . . . .

wnib program guide

Below is a typical page from the WNIB Program Guide . . . . .

WNIB Program Guide

For the first few years, copies of famous pieces of artwork graced the covers of the Guide.
Later, the owners of the station comissioned Richard Kimmel and Robert Kameczura to do
original pieces.  Kimmel mostly would do caricatures appropriate to that month's programming.
Kamaczura would usually allow flights of fancy to guide his hand.  I always found it to be a
particularly wonderful coincidence that both artists shared the same initials -- R.K.

Examples of the original works are shown below . . . . . . . . .

WNIB Progam Guide

Having been born on February 29th, 1792, Rossini (above) would only get a "real birthday" every four years.
He lived until November 13, 1868, thus being 76 years old, but having only had 18 actual birthdays.
(Remember, the year 1800 was NOT a leap year!)

WNIB Program Guide