Bruce Duff ie

Box 6125
Evanston, IL 60204
(773) 761-6178


Master of Music  (1973)
Music History and Literature
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Bachelor of Music Education  (1972)
Instrumental Music K-12
Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois

Diploma  (1968)
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, Illinois
Participated throughout in many instrumental and vocal ensembles, and was music librarian

Graduated  (1964)
Evanston Public School System, Elementary (K-8)
Participated in vocal and instrumental ensembles in Junior High (7-8)


"In recognition of valuable contributions to students and the aim of higher education
as recognized by the student body of Northwestern University"

"In gratitude for his contribution to classical music for the past 25 years"  (Program)

For my "ongoing commitment to introducing the works of 20th Century American composers and
for music programming of the highest quality for radio"  (Photos)

"For dedicated and loyal service to the E.T.H.S. Music Department"  [First, and probably unique]  (Photo)

Rarely-given award for a member of St. Mark's Choristers


Contributor of Interviews, Oral History of American Music, Yale University (2006-  )
-contributed copies of my original audio interviews and transcriptions to their permanent archive

Announcer/Producer, Contemporary Classical Internet Radio  (2005-  )
- created, produced and announced series of programs with music and interview

Announcer/Producer, Audio Interviews for Lyric Opera Website (2004-2005)
-edited segments of my original interviews with "Jubilarians" (Honorees) for 50th Anniversary Season
   (for more information and a link to the page, click here)

Lecturer, School of Continuing Studies, Northwestern University  (2003-2011)
-taught one-semester classes in Music History to alumni and other adults

Lecturer, School of Music, Northwestern University  (2002-2004)  (Recommendation)
-taught regular credit classes in Music History to undergraduate and graduate students during the
    fall, winter and spring semesters, and in the summer sessions

Announcer/Producer, WNUR-FM, 89.3, Evanston-Chicago (2002-  )
-created, produced and announced weekly program of music and interview  (Schedule)
-continued doing new original interviews

Announcer/Producer, WNIB, Classical 97, Chicago (1975-2001)  (Recommendation)
-produced, announced and engineered regularly scheduled general programming
-did 1395 original interviews with 1320 different musicians, most of which were aired at least once  (List)
-created*, produced, announced and engineered regular and special PROGRAM SERIES, including:
Baroque and Before (weekly)
The Sunday Evening Opera (weekly)
New Classical Recordings (weekly)
The Grant Park Concerts (retrospective and promotional 16-week series)
*Chicago Music Dateline (weekly promotional series)
*Presenting... [conductors and performers] (twice-weekly)
*Music of... [various 20th century composers] (twice-weekly)
*New Music for Various Instruments (twice-monthly)
*Composer's Alphabet  (twice-monthly)
*American Romantics (monthly)
*The CSO at 100 (monthly retrospective series about the Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
*Chicago Musicians Feature (monthly)
*This Month's Band Concert (monthly)
*Top of the Class [best-selling records] (monthly)
*New Music from... [various countries] (occasional)
*Backstage at Lyric Opera (12-week series, repeated)
-created*, produced, announced and engineered SPECIAL PROGRAMS (often  in successive years), including:
Black History Month
Women's History Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
*Presidential Namesakes [President's Day]
American Music Specials [Various American Holidays and Celebrations]
*National Music Specials [Various Nations' Holidays and Celebrations]
*New Music for Christmas
*An Operatic Christmas
*World AIDS Awareness Day
*Alaska Statehood Anniversary
*Hawaii Statehood Anniversary
April Fool's Day [including live performances of 4'22" by John Cage]
*Swedish Music Day
*My Trip to China [programs after each of two trips]
*Review/Report on the World Premiere of Paradise Lost at Lyric Opera of Chicago [November 28, 1978]
Promotion of Upcoming Events [various concerts & operas in and around Chicago]
Memorial Programs For Musicians [as necessitated by their passing]
*Final Classical Music Program and Farewell Sign-off of WNIB [February 11, 2001]   (Details & Review)
-gathered, edited, read and engineered regularly scheduled newscasts, weather and traffic reports
-created and prepared my program materials for inclusion in the (monthly) Program Guide
-contributed articles to the (monthly) Program Guide

Announcer/Producer, Music in the Air Corporation (1988-1989)
    [Corporation was dissolved in 1989 due to the terminal illness of its founder, John Doremus]
-announced*, wrote and produced bi-monthly and special programs for in-flight entertainment aboard:
*United Airlines [Also used aboard Air Force One, the Presidential Airliner]
*Delta Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Eastern Airlines

Creator & Editor, Opera Scene Magazine (1982-1983)  (Contents)
-with a partner, created and edited monthly publication which included interviews and articles, etc.

Contributor of Original Interviews and Articles, Various Magazines and Journals (1979- )
-transcribed and edited my original interviews for publication in:
New Music Connoisseur [quarterly]  (2001-  )
The Opera Journal [quarterly]  (1985-  )
Wagner News [10 issues per year]  (1980-1992)
Massenet Newsletter [semi-annually]  (1982-1993)
The Instrumentalist [monthly]  (Cover Article, October, 1995)
Nit & Wit Magazine [bi-monthly]  (1984-1987; Music Editor, 1986)
Avenue M Magazine [bi-monthly]  (Fall, 1985)
  -wrote original articles which often included portions of my interviews for:
CityTalk Magazine [weekly]  (Jan-May, 2001)
Chamber Music America [Annual]  (2001)
Opera Canada [quarterly]  (Fall, 1981)
WNIB Program Guide [monthly]  (1979-2000)
      [To view a list of those which have been published, click  HERE ]
      [To view those which have been posted on my personal website, click  HERE ]

Contributor of Original Recorded Interviews, Various University Libraries (1980-  )
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Yale Univeristy, New Haven, CT
         DePaul University, Chicago, IL
New England Conservatory, Boston, MA

Contributor of Original Recorded Interviews, Personal Archives and Libraries (1980-  )
   [As requested by the interviewee, guest, family, heirs, and/or management]

Webmaster, Internet Websites (1999-  )
-created, designed and maintained personal and professional websites for myself and others

Narrator, Emcee, Speaker, Moderator, Judge, Various Concerts, Events and Competitions
-Judge, Opera Idol Vocal Competition, V.O.I.C.Experience Foundation, North Shore Hotel, Evanston, March, (2008 -  )
    [Prize: Scholarship & Airfare to Workshop and Master Class with Sherrill Milnes in Florida in August]
-Scrpt Editor (with Lawrence Rapchak) and Guest Host, March Madness, a subscription concert by the
    Northbrook Symphony Orchestra, March 25, 2007 
-Moderator, Pre-Concert Discussion in the Highland Park Community House with composers Donald Draganski
    and William Susman, Composers Showcase Concert, Pilgrim Chamber Players, May 22, 2005
-Script Editor and Narrator, Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten, 25th Anniversary
    Concert of the Classical Symphony Orchestra, Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier, Chicago, May 2, 2004  (Photos)
-Pre-Concert Lectures about the evening's performance, including:
    Vermeer Quartet Beethoven Cycle at DePaul University Concert Hall (2002-2003)
-Script Editor and Narrator, Centennial Celebration Program, School of Music, Northwestern University,
    Orchestra Hall, Chicago, March 1, 1996  (Press Release)
-Welcome and Opening Remarks at the beginning of concerts, including:
Classical Symphony Orchestra, Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier, Chicago, including the introduction
                    of Mayor Richard M. Daley, August 19, 1996
Chicago Sinfonietta, Orchestra Hall, Chicago, Subscription Concert, January 30, 1996
Chicago Sinfonietta, Orchestra Hall, Chicago, Opening Night, October 12, 1994  (Photos)
Rembrandt Chamber Players, Subscription Concerts on various dates at:
                    DePaul University Concert Hall, Chicago; Thorne Auditorium, Chicago; Lutkin Hall, Evanston
-Address to the Graduates, Commencement Convocation, School of Music, Northwestern University,
    Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Evanston, June 16, 1990  (Text and Photos)
-Moderator, Post-Concert Round Table Discussion in the Orchestra Hall Ballroom with composers Lucas Foss,
     Peter Schickele, David Del Tredici, Chamber Music Chicago, January 8, 1990

Lecturer, Lyric Opera of Chicago (1975-1996)
-introduction to the evening's performance at various restaurants in downtown Chicago

Broadcast Engineer, WEFM, Chicago (1976)
-Engineered 3 overnight shifts as a favor to the management while the station was making the
     transition from an all-classical format to other programming after its sale and litigation

Announcer/Engineer, WXFM, Stereo 106, Elmwood Park-Chicago  (1975-1976)
-Announced and engineered 2 weekend overnight shifts per week of Classical Music for 6 months
     [This was concurrent with my full-time WNIB responsibilites, and was at the specific and direct
     request of Ron Ray, who was the regular announcer/producer of Classical Music at WXFM]

Adult Education Lecturer, History of Opera (1974-1996)
-multi-week series on the history of opera, with recorded examples and visual illustrations, at:
City Colleges of Chicago (several locations)
Central YMCA College of Chicago
Latin School of Chicago

Teacher of Instrumental Music, Evanston Public Schools (1973-1975)
-responsible for instrumental music instruction in 1 middle school and 3 elementary schools
-conducted bands and orchestras, grades 6-8
-taught beginning instruments and conducted performances, grades 4-5

Graduate Assistant to Dr. Thomas Willis, Northwestern University (1972-1973)
-prepared and gave lectures in Music History and Literature, and Music Criticism
-assisted in teaching of classes and seminars
-assisted in grading of undergraduate and graduate students
    [To read the interview we did twenty years later (in 1993), click HERE.]

Recording Engineer and Stage Manager, Illinois Wesleyan University (1968-1972)
-responsible for care and light maintenance of all sound equipment in Presser Hall
-responsible for audio design and set-up of microphones for optimum recording of live performances
-recorded solo recitals and ensemble programs for the school and for the participants
-prepared the stage area and lighting for classes and public programs
-made necessary changes and adjustments to the stage area and lighting during performances

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Librarian for the Music Department, Evanston Township High School (1964-1968)
-assisted the instrumental and vocal teachers with day-to-day needs of the music library
-made sure that parts were prepared and distributed to players and singers for rehearsals and performances
-set up chairs and stands for rehearsals and performances, and made changes necessary during performances
-won (unique) Service Award "for dedicated and loyal service to the E.T.H.S. Music Department"  (1968)

Carillonneur, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Evanston, IL (1966-1967)
-played the 9-bell carillon in the church tower before Sunday services and on special occasions

Junior Leader, Evanston YMCA (1963-1966)
-assisted the physical education instructors in running various classes, programs, events and activities
    using areas and apparatus in the gymnasiums and the swimming pool
-assisted in activities and local trips for the Summer Adventure Club

Chorister (Boy-Soprano), St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Evanston, IL (1958-1966)
-sang in regular and special services and programs as a member of the (paid) professional choir of men and boys
-was awarded (rarely given) medal for singing  (1964)